Thursday, December 15, 2011

growth bit

Esme has hit a growth spurt again, she is eating more than we would expect and asking for more, and napping at odd times when she usually hardly sleeps more than eight hours a night. But then she gets up and runs around like crazy and jabbers constantly, playing her games like usual etc... She has been making some unexpected sense as well - telling me about things like the following...

moon is here and then moon goes down and sun comes back and moon comes back and sun and... (it got kind of muddy after that)

Aha mama that's what you're talking about.. yea, that's what you saying mama... (said whenever I say something to her she has to think about for a minute and then gets). She has been saying she is 'getting messages' when she sees something written or drawn on things, asking me what things say, and saying that many things are 'maps.' She has said 'I need to talk to you about something' many times per day when she has ideas, and also 'That's IT.' when she is upset, and even 'Ive got the mad at you.' We had a discussion I can't remember the details about - why I was getting up during the dark time (4 AM) to go to work. She wants to know why I have to go, and why she can't be awake and outside in the dark but I can...and why people need bathtubs when it is dark outside and they should be in their beds. She wants to come with, to help people, and help Mama lift heavy things. She doesn't like that she is too small, because she thinks she is big. Eventually, she accepted the explanation and went back to her bed. She even let me go to sleep early the other night although she wasn't happy about the fact. 'I got it - I got a planet (plan for it is most often what she means here), that's a good i-dee-a... library! We go find library!' etc etc... She told me 'no mama, you go to work later day' this morning when I said we couldn't go to the library because I had to go to work...

This morning as soon as she woke up she ran to the stairs to go downstairs and use the potty - then ran back, got her shoes saying 'no no no need shoes, there we are', put them on and then ran downstairs. I liked the self-correction!

She told Daddy he was 'big' the other day when he was helping me clean some... mostly because I tell her she is too little to really help so Daddy is helping, he must be big! haha! There is a lot of funny lately, can't remember quite all of it, she tells me her hands are crocodiles in the bathtub and one is an Esme crocodile and the other is 'best friend', and the mama and daddy crocodiles are my hands, they have to come save the others and give them soup. I don't think she understands the concept of 'sister' or 'brother' well at all.... although I try to explain it in movies as 'that is his brother, his mama and daddy's other little boy..' etc.

The saddest thing she has said lately, about a week ago I think really - is that she thinks her Grandma and Grandpa were eaten by a whale and she has to find the message so she go can find and rescue them. She has such a vivid imagination and captures ideas from everywhere, that one from Pinocchio, of course. Before Mama and Daddy got sick with the ick she saw Mark's parents every few days or at least once a week. Now, it is much less because we were trying to make sure Grandma didn't get the ick. We've been to see Grandma several times since then but Esme still asks me sometimes about the hospital and if we are going to see Grandpa today or tomorrow. In the bathtub the other night I asked her what she wanted to do when she got to be a big girl like Mama.. and she said she had to fix people. I asked her if she was going to be a doctor, and she said no - and then thought for a second, and said YESS... yes little Mama, doctor go fix people like Grandpa! at the hop-spital, I be big, I be doctor and fix Grandpa! Let's go!' I told her it would be a long time until she got big - she had to grow, and sleep and grow more, until she was as tall as Mama and Daddy. She has been telling me every day that she is a big strong girl, and making a muscle with her arms, and telling me she is getting BIG little but BIG! Another thing she is saying often is 'power went off' on anything that isn't working properly - electronic, on tv, or sometimes rarely even with things that are not electronic at all but are not doing what she expects. Also, hearing her explain step by step what is going on in a show she has seen often - like Bambi, is very funny.

//note// Sometimes, like when reading the above ramble... I think I'm adopting parts of Esme speech myself. *facepalm* well, give and take alike, I guess!

//note// 42 inches tall

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