Monday, November 28, 2011


This morning when Esme woke up she told me the animals were coming, all the animals were gone but they were coming back later. She kept telling us this, and I thought she meant the animals from Dumbo's train. I said they could come at Christmas, and she said that Christmas was all gone. I said it was coming again, in (about) 21 'morningtimes' and counted them out for her. She got all excited and agreed YES, yes little Mama, the animals are coming later, at Christmas! Christmas come later!' Her ideas of time and other things are starting to develop more and more...

This morning I am still sick. I came home early from work yesterday as my ribs hurt a little bit. We have been told a half-day does not count against us as a call-in does. Yesterday when I was putting on my shoes to go to work she asked me 'Where you are you going?' I told her to work, because they did not like it when I did not come. She replied 'No, No go to work later. You are sick. Daddy take you in the truck with Esme and Daddy and Mama in the truck... later!' She holds up that one finger like this is a great idea for the ages... *haha*

If the pain and other sign had continued until today I would have scheduled a doctor appointment. However, I've had pneumonia about five times before - and know when they will tell me to go home and rest and when they will prescribe medication. Without certain 'signs', they will just say to go home and take OTCs and rest - trying to only use the antibiotics when really necessary (good thing). Preparing to go back today - try to limp through until Wednesday, which is my next day off. Mark is starting to feel badly and has started sneezing with gusto. Esme seems 80% better and is not (cross fingers) hacking up anything.

I put orange/honey glazed chicken bits in the oven and am about to get them out and share it with Esme. I let her taste a drop of the honey and she said it was VERY good, (after saying it looked yucky). I told her bumblebees made it, and she said 'I like the bumblebees, they do a GOOD job.' She has eaten nearly all of her chicken, telling me it is like the porkchop. Daddy often glazes the porkchops in a similar fashion.

She is enjoying the puppies quite a bit. They are all downstairs now. Several of them think they belong to us - different ones to different people.

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