Thursday, November 24, 2011

An atypical Thanksgiving

For this Thanksgiving, we are thankful, but our family get together has been postponed for quite a while. Esme and I are still sick, and Grandpa Henry is still in the hospital in Memphis. Grandma is lonely, but worried about bringing more germs to Grandpa - so we agreed everyone would just spend the day at their houses and do whatever we would normally do.

Esme and I did one of her crafts from the kit sent by Elizabeth and Emily. She really likes them with her Elmer's Glue. We have several finished projects up on the refrigerator, as well. She was a bit upset at this one that the picture showed orange spots and there were no orange spot stickers in the package with it. I told her to use her orange marker to make some spots and she went to town on it - observing each spot and telling me some of them were not spots.. they were something else, a letter 'c'.

I am organizing some of my thoughts and projects into what may be a book in the future. It will not be anytime soon... but it is started. Mark's Aunt keeps telling me I should write one about all the things made for Esme during her life. I think it should be a bit more than that - everything we make, with some simple patterns or instructions to encourage other crafters to break these skills down to their elements - create based on what they need, and to not fear striking out into uncertain territory when trying to make something. That, after all, is the way everything was first made - someone saw a need and devised over time their own best way to make that necessary item. As mentioned, it is a bit too much material but I hope to winnow it out into something publishable. I have been approached to make a book of toy patterns before - but never felt I was ready to give people 'directions.'... I'd rather give them a starting point and a method to find their own directions, to learn the essence of making. I have probably set my sights too high as well as covering things that have already done. I know I'm not the only one who does this and thus, am not discouraged.

Made 'turmeric milk' last night to try to kick my cold out of my chest. Now it is still in my sinuses, but my throat hurts much less. I might have to do that again tomorrow.

What I had put together:
2 cups of milk
can of cream of chicken soup (this was not in the original recipe but seemed right)
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
several grinds of pepper
shake of cinnamon powder
tablespoon of ginger
tablespoon of curry powder including turmeric and fenugreek 'Hot Madras' style

Heated that on 3/10 for about ten minutes, drank half of it - went to bed for about five hours. Woke up, reheated it, drank the rest, went to bed until morning. I didn't cough as much for the night. In the morning, took a vapor bath and coughed up a good deal of 'junk' and felt better. My nose is running now, though. The garlic is a natural decongestant.

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