Wednesday, November 23, 2011

bits of both sick

She looks much better than she did...
asking me if she can take her jingle bells to her room

She definitely does not have anymore what I call the 'classic sick look' she shares with her Daddy... they both get this odd pale around their eyes and forehead when they are truly sick and don't have energy etc etc...

I have what Esme has, hopefully it will pass before Friday. She seems to be getting better, with a cough that isn't as deep or hoarse as it had been a few days ago - but it is turning into a laundry nightmare. She is eating more before she goes to sleep, and has (I should never have said she had not peed the bed for a month in a previous post!) peed the bed two nights in a row and also last night woke up coughing and threw her soup up on her pillow. And yes, she seems to be getting better... just losing control of a few things but I won't worry terribly about that part unless it continues for more than a few days or gets much worse. Now my throat is hurting and has 'hard' scrapy feeling stuff in it. I stayed home from work for the first time in a long time - hope it won't count against me. My theory is if they want me on Friday they had better not have me today.

Esme has been talking in a lot more complicated ways again. I had her toy bus tell her she needed to drink juice one day and she pointed at her cup and said 'But, I don't have any!' That was the first time I had heard that. She has been using things she heard in cartoons like 'you stole it, give it to me' when she has left something elsewhere and 'this will do the trick' and pulling on something she wants. I have to try to model those properly, I don't like the blaming everyone else for 'stealing' things she has forgotten or misplaced. There were a few other interesting 'complete' combinations as well. The one thing I really find missing from her vocabulary is 'why'. I can think of maybe two or three instances at all where she has asked 'why' and it was a pure copy from a cartoon to something happening strangely 'Why you do that?' When I ask her just 'why' or even 'why did you..' she usually stares at me and looks confused or ignores me because I should just know? She does often ask 'how', and 'what is...'. I know I'll get more than my dose of the 'whys' soon....

There are other odd combinations she has come up with like 'I have a piece a left a story' when she wants me to read her more than I had intended. Everything is 'have to have three kisses' and 'have to have three robots' and by this I thinks she means all three of us have to do it - not three times.. but sometimes she doesn't even know what she means. She told me downstairs last night that she saw monsters in her sleep, monster animals, and that she became a 'bird Esme' and flew and scared them. I had her tell me that one twice, and that was definitely what she meant. Other times the second time around she will say something that makes more sense. I think she has been watching and absorbing some of Daddy's dragon killing video game - it has a bird's eye point of view and he kills wolves and bears and lions as well as dragons. She keeps telling him he is doing a good job and to 'be careful' and to 'get outta there, it looks dangeroous'.

'doctored' elephants
She swears these are 'help' not hurt

This sort of 'find' is common around here - she said the elephants have to be more careful will fall down need a doctor get squished. The elephants in Dumbo fall down 'get squished' and are wrapped up in bandages and have ears/trunks in slings etc... Esme always pays close attention to that scene and tells me about each thing that is 'fixed.'

I was sewing a binding edge onto a queen size quilt I made a long time ago but never finished - repeating how I bound Esme's bambi quilt the other day... and she asked me if I was gong to knit her a dress. I said I was making a mommy and daddy blanket and she said ooooooooh gonna tuck you in. Hearing her describe what is going on in Transformers and other shows she watches is hilarious. She brought me two cardboard boxes yesterday that she had been earlier wearing around the house as shoes. She said 'we are robots, we share Nee-john cubes, here have some, we eat, we are robots' Energon cubes, from Transformers. *facepalm* When she is interested in something, she does things like this that make me just want to bury my head in something and laugh where she can't see me.

counting 'take three pictures' on her fingers

Mark and I both wish she would calm down a little more, at least while she is sick. She still constantly runs around the house and turns circles on the floor and knocks things over (blaming us or the dog) etc etc....finally somewhere around midnight she will settle enough to actually fall asleep. Mark says he knows they would classify her ADHD and give her Ritalin in a school. The clincher to that is : she does all of this when Mama is involved with something else, like sewing the blanket binding, and Daddy is playing his game etc... When Mama gives her an activity she likes and does it with her - she focuses to no end, zooming in on tiny details and making ME follow rules etc etc.... It is getting her to shift gears from 'amuse thyself' to 'play with me' that sometimes is still hard... Sometimes out of resentment that I have not played her games for hours she will instead read to the dog or go blow bubbles or anything other than playing what Mama is now offering. Stubborn four year old, and yes 'monkey see, monkey do' does apply to that as well.

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