Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day and blurb

I was woken this morning by 'Happy Mumum's birthday' by Esme, age three and a half. Well, that is pretty close ;) She has the right idea. I was met last night with a big present when I came home from work that said 'Happy Mom's Day' on it - and had a bunch of stripey towels in it and candy buried between the layers. Mark was very sweet :) I've been looking for stripey towels for a few months now, but haven't brought myself to get anything because of one thing or another. I love them and washed them and put them on the shelves immediately :)

Last night Daddy blew up two balloons, both of which popped soon after - one VERY loudly enough to make all of our ears ring. She said her ears ... (couldn't find a word for it) kept putting her hand to her ear and back off of it. I said mine hurt and she said yea, hurt. 'My ears HURT.' Then once she got a balloon that didn't blow up immediately, we asked her to find all the pieces of the old balloons and throw them away. She did - saying 'I did it. Ears saved! Now ears all saved!' Apparently she thought she was rescuing us all from the terrible balloons that hurt our ears. Also, yesterday, I was brushing out her hair and asked her to tip back her chin so I could brush it better from the position she was in. She said loudly 'Mom, I am NOT a frog!' and tapped her throat and put her chin back to level. She looked very upset about the idea that tipping her chin up and showing more throat would make her look like a frog?

I always say she is my 'physics child' because of the 'experiments' she does constantly with water, sand, rocks.. anything that can be picked up, thrown, manipulated, built with, dropped on something else, organized and reorganized, and/or combined with the elements of mud and/or wind. I saw her do some impressive instinct things with bubbles while she had her bubble wand in a full bathtub of water today. She wet her hands, caught bubbles in midair, transferred them to another hand, put them back in the water, put a wet finger through the bubble to the water below etc etc.. She told me it was 'amazing' and that the bubbles were bouncing and 'swimming' in the water. She kept trying to split a bubble she caught over both of her hands by putting it back down to the water level and trying to break it in half. It almost worked once.. but every time it broke. The poor kid! If she keeps this experimentation mindset, she will have a very interesting science career, perhaps ;)

LATER : I am suitably and entirely impressed. That is saying a lot, because she has impressed us constantly over her 3.5 years and I'm REALLY impressed at this one. Esme can get up into the bed of our truck with the tailgate up. HOW? She uses a two step process, the first of which includes grabbing the wheel well and pulling herself up to stand on the hubcap, and then she switches from an underhand grip to an overhand grab of the two tie-down points on the edge of the truck bed and hauls herself the rest of the way up. Who would have guessed she could figure that out? And she has also shown us she can open the back window, get in the truck, roll up and down the windows and open and close the wing windows.

Mark told me she could do this sometime last week, maybe? But I had misunderstood exactly what he meant. It was even more impressive to actually see what he was talking about. Today was the first time I witnessed all of it. After Grandma and Grandpa left she did it four more times unprompted and complete, while I sat and knit on my blanket.

AND!: This is where she has been getting the loose change we had no idea where it was from, to operate her jellybean machine in the house. She always seems to have change in her pocket that we didn't give her that much... We have an unused ashtray in the truck full of change Daddy watched her stow some inside the truck into her pockets.

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