Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is it Wednesday yet? Or Friday?

I lose track of time when they work me back to backs! Esme went with us to the flea market this morning as well, so my close the night before, flea market, close tonight, open tomorrow is feeling like I've been on-the-go since Sunday.

Esme found a little helicopter toy at the flea market and I bought it for her. She liked it, but hadn't really latched on to how it worked (pullback car wheels) even when we got home. She marched up to the table where we keep Mark's radio control toy and she pointed at the control. 'Push the right button Daddy, make fly!' and held up the new (non radio-control) helicopter toy. Poor girl! She thought she was on to something. She was fairly good at the flea market until we had to leave - then she cried her little eyes out because she wanted to go back to the puppies and ducks and did NOT want to go back in the truck.

I made ramen soup for lunch before I went to work. Esme, who was supposed to be eating an apple and drinking her drink, promptly stole my bowl and put it on the counter in front of her. This is not the first time the soup thief has struck. It is funny to see her standing on a chair with a large spoon pulling noodles out one by one, slurping them down and then going for more. She said she needed to go get a 'tiny spoon' and 'this will work' when she got a plastic spoon out of the drawer.

I have not had time to get my sewing machine to get its act together and fly right. We do appreciate the clothing sent by friends in North Carolina. Thank you. Esme is enjoying it, especially a certain Mickey Mouse shirt. It was so hard to peel that off of her!

tiny knit note: Blanket still chugging along, no pictures for a while. The sweater I'm working on during lunch hours is getting close to decreasing for the armholes on the back. The fronts are done, but will need shoulder extensions like Esme's sweater was designed with.

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