Thursday, May 26, 2011

dress ideas

We went and spent part of the day with Miss Diana, and Esme had a good time with the neighbor boy again. They ran all over the place - and Esme was a truly bossy cow all over the place. She needs to learn to quit that! Diana made a comment to me that I was a dressmaker, not a quilter... and I told her yes, I would never take the 'pains' with a quilt problem that I would with a dress problem. That definitely makes me a dressmaker. I'd even make the same dress eight times over (have done, yes I'm guilty) just to find the answer to something. A quilt is just a quilt.... patchwork is interesting sometimes, but still... it just lays there, and the binding stage irks the ire out of me, so I will often mash it down and do it haphazard just to be done and not feel any guilt over it. I guilt over shortchanging the stitching near a zipper on a dress that will be worn many times... I check it every time it comes out of the wash for damages, in order to know where reinforcements are needed next time. Yes. I'm a dressmaker.

Diana showed me a dress she really liked on Marimekko that was ultra-expensive, but she wanted to duplicate in some way to wear to a wedding this summer. I'm showing her a few of the patterns I have in my collection, maybe something will be alterable. And then she needs to find a similar print, as their fabric is also ultra-expensive (65.00 a yard!)... but I knew it was Marimekko as soon as she said 'dress from finland in a magazine.' ;) I've followed them for a while.. just in pictures, of course. They are excellent.

not that dress, but another one
I liked out of a magazine

This is a dress I tore out of a magazine last month. I've been keeping it in my stash of ideas because I love the waistline, how it is pleated and falls into soft waves under a crisp simple bodice.

I also found this pattern when I was looking for things that looked like Diana's dress. It doesn't look anything like it - but it truly is different. The wide square collar that goes back over the shoulders... very different indeed.

7302 McCalls

I guess all this means I'll have to make 'a' belted dress this summer. We'll see. I still have to remake the green dress from last year because it is no longer a good fit. It might take well to a belt!

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