Monday, May 02, 2011

fabric ideas

Making Esme's clothes means I never have to step into a department store and hold up expensive but cheaply-made garments to the child and wonder hmm... what would this look like on her? Instead I get to do all the fun parts, choose the style, estimate what size based on measurements, choose the fabric, and then make it real.

I have requested these two fabrics to be listed for me on a shop - and I have clear intentions for both of them, perhaps mixed with coordinating solids to make up the skirt on the dress (blue) and collar and sleeve cuffs and facings on the coat (pink). Below are some of the pack of twelve patterns I received from an auction listing. The smallest size is 5, which are chest size 24 inches. Esme is 22 inches now, which means it may be this time next year before these patterns actually fit her. But... hmm, does that mean I shouldn't try one of them anyway? I do have a similar size '3' breast 22 inch in the coat pattern... which I might make up out of some fabric I already have. If it looks like there is no room to grow, the pink coat will be the larger size!

The two that grabbed me immediately...
The blue coat on the left (but in pink) and
the pink dress on the right (but in blue) *haha*

Someone at work today saw Esme in her navy blue dress and said she looks just like a little dolly. I know part of that is because I make her dresses that, in this modern day and age, are not usually seen on children except at special occasions - but it is better than that, because I make them out of fabrics that wash and wear hard, which lets them be worn every day and not be ruined by an occasional trip to the mudhole.

Another lady at a park asked if I would make her daughter a dress like Esme's... but I had a hard time saying much more than where she could find me at 'usually' (workplace), because 1.) the dress Esme was wearing was made out of remnants (seen below) and I did not have any more of that fabric and 2.) most people can't understand that the dresses are made on chest measurement, and not on 'size'.

The dress made (in March) out of half yard remnants

I doubt I'd ever find that combination again, as the fabric was from a deep stash and done up as a stress buster project.

I still make size 3, 4 or 5 patterns for Esme - it all depends on how they are cut and what chest measurement they are recommended for. And sometimes even my 'best guess' is wrong. I made a pair of pants for Esme out of a pattern that she fit the dress for, and the inseam in it was too short to fit her for very long - I will need to make the next size up (that is also in the pattern) on my next pass.

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