Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finished Sweater and Truck Ninja Kid

I posted the other week about Esme getting up into our truck bed all by herself, and being so surprised about it. Here is some of the act, in action. Also--> click on this linked animated gif to see my photo montage of the action.

Our Ninja kid, in the back of the truck
Those are the 'gaucho' pants I made last week.

There was only just enough of the leaf pattern fabric to make this length and that width of pattern - made up the rest with some green fabric I had stashed and it worked out very very well!

The 'pivot moment' when she hauls herself up over the edge
She might get up here ten or more times in just a few hours... Doing that she is going to get some muscles on her, like her mama has, too. I caught the entire process on the camera but haven't strung them together into a 'video' yet.

Realizing I'm taking pictures and yelling about it

diving into the back of the truck to get something

I let her try on my new finished sweater
She was asking me where the rest of the buttons were as I snapped this picture.

a view of the side and some of the back pattern

Outside looking in
Trying to catch the sweater on me in the reflection, it fits me much better!

It is made of JoJoLand Rhythm merino 100% wool yarn, in the colorway 'Winter Ice', and knitted on size 6 and 7 needles. I have saved this yarn for several years and there was just enough to make this 'vest' out of, which had no pattern used for it. There are no sleeves and the buttonhole edging is wavy, but it is still very nice!

Pogo, taking her closeup

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