Friday, May 06, 2011

42month language

Esme's turned up a notch again this morning, these are some quotes.

'Daddy: Go kiss and hug a mom' Esme: 'No, she's busy. She's on the computer'
I hand her a paper towel while she is holding a ball in one hand. 'This is mine, this is yours. This is mine, you gotta take that.' "Someone dropped that. Someone dropped that on the floor." A q-tip from when I was cleaning my sewing machine last night and the bag split. I had a cereal bar and she thought it was for her. 'Thank you' (reach out for it, doesn't get it) 'THANK YOU.' (still no cereal bar) 'Is that for me?' Yes, thanks for asking. (gets offered it, takes it) 'THANK YOU!' PANTS! I putta my leg in that hole. Look at that! A choo-choo train. It got doors. YEA. (a truck from the loggers went by carrying a trailer that had doors on the side of it.) Two puppies. Why are you a two puppies? I said, why are you a two puppies!? (expects them to answer). I'm also hearing 'WOW' every few minutes, which started some time last night.

A conversation
'Bread Mom, yea, bread, it downstairs.'
You like bread?
'Yea, I like bread. I gotta chew that bread. (gets a thoughtful 'oh yea' look on her face as she remembers something) gotta chew an orange. CANDY? (orange slice candy).'
No, go eat your apple jack bowl first.
'OK (does)'

Daddy not here. (No, Daddy is at work (grocery store and bank)) 'Daddy *pout lip*', No, Daddy is at work, he'll be back soon. 'No, he back. Look. He back with truck' (he isn't) 'No, he isn't but I'm here.' (sigh). 'Shoes! Shoes. I get a shovel, we go look at trucks.'

We bought her a tiny broom at Rural King the other week - she was playing 'baby broom' and 'mama broom' with the regular size one - and they were hunting dirt and meeting puppies and having adventures all over the house.

note: A lady at work that sees Esme every few months said this: 'Wow - she went from barely saying anything at all to having a full conversation with me!'. Esme had been talking to her about a shirt she was wearing while standing in the breakroom of my work. The lady asked her if I made the shirt she was wearing and she said 'YEA... my mumum. I like. It a PRETTY shirt. It has buttons, one, two, three.'

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