Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Easy-does-it

Mr.J coerced me into going bowling.

Thanks to Chris, I couldn't get 'Take the Skinheads bowling, take them bowling.' out of my head the entire time! ;o)

We averaged between 53 and 105 -- (pretty bad!) -- but still managed to impress the little kids at the birthday party there ;o) I heard one of them say about Mr.J -- 'Hey... he can BOWL! He just WALKS (not runs) up and drops the ball and EE-EE-EE, it goes into the pins!' *giggles* However, Mr.J also put notation all over our score sheet that included:

• 'Up to this frame is better than my entire last game.'
• 'Full suckage returns here.'
• 'Not quite as much suckage here, but it was a fluke.'

So, every time I got back to my seat, I had a laugh at what he had added about his last score ;o)

These pictures are from last Tuesday night (when we drug a sunken boat up onto shore and emptied it at work - hence the mud on both of our jeans). Mr.J liked it so much we had to go again today.

I'm in need of some FOs... Small Knits I could make use of soon:
Felted Needle Case
Felted Eyeglass Case (but not in that horrific colour!

I'll have some knitting magazine pictures to post tomorrow - in the meantime, Lynn has an array of knitting pattern pics up on this post.

Off now to watch Star Trek and knit on the grey shawl. Willow and Sally have been watching a strong rainstorm outside with great interest. It's funny when the wind starts blowing the rain through the screen they both shoot out of the window, shake, then slowly decide to get back up there and look again.


stuffed said...

Love the bowling pix! I haven't bowl since I was voted most improved in school. LOL

I say go with the needle case. :)

Chris said...

Glad I could so enhance your bowling experience! LOL.

mrspao said...

Now *I* can't get that song out of my head!

Jennifer said...

Star Trek and a shawl... sounds heavenly!

Katherine said...

I love the lists you made for your kitties. I had to go and give mine a hug after reading about yours!


Carrie K said...

I hate bowling. I tend to roll gutterballs or strikes, both often enough that no one tries to "teach" me how to bowl, but doesn't want me on their team either. It's a gift.

Star Trek the original? It's playing on a tiny square on G4 but one of the other stations has been playing ST:TNG.

Lynn said...

Some how I missed the end of this post. Thanks for the plug.

goldtop said...

yay bowling! thanks for your comment on my blog... Hope my granma appreciates the Clapotis when I'm done! :)