Sunday, October 25, 2020

Robert Thomas of Amularia

The Rediscovery of Bamboo

Robert Thomas is the second son of Martin and Sariya Thomas of Amularia, born in year 44.  He has a brother William (yr 42) and a sister Ilena (yr 50).  When he is 19 he takes the trip North, like the neighboring Zade Perkins before him, to find Sleeping Turtle Island.  He takes the new mapping tools with him and maps out the pathway between Amularia, Melitus, Sleeping Turtle Island and the Isle of Semmerly.  In the process he also finds the 'fabled' Land That Never Ends - which does, of course, end... and he takes a small attempt at mapping it but is exhausted quickly.  However, he does discover on the western side of this Land a Huge Shipwreck, more complete than any shipwreck that has ever been seen in the world.  And, inside this shipwreck, he discovers something worth far more than the gold or emeralds he finds.  He finds Bamboo!  The bamboo of North City Legends.  He brings this home to Amularia with hopes it will grow there.

Year 63 : Discovery of the Huge Shipwreck in the Land that Never Ends by Robert  Thomas of AMularia

The New Mapping Technology, made on a cartography table, perfected in land travel by Abe Henricks (of Henricks Pointe fame), who lives at Pennock Farm in the Presentation Mountains.  Pennock Farm is in the mountain area at the top right of this map, and Henricks Pointe is at the right-hand edge of the snowcap mountains, a spire with a torch that looks out over the South Bay - south of the road to North City (Brandywine Farm and North City Remnants) (not on this map) WestSea is near the top left of the map and the very beginning of Rivertown is in the bottom right hand corner.

The Map in progress  (below) by Robert Thomas of Amularia - Amularia is in the bottom left edge and he travelled North from there.  The Western Spire is near the bottom right hand corner and the Isle of Semmerly is north of WestSea in about the middle of the map. 


Robert Thomas's sea map


Original story "McElvaney Enterprises" c Oct 2020 by Marie Lamb


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