Saturday, October 17, 2020

Black Green Magic the Gathering MTG deck

70 cards - creeature heavy

 11 Forest

8 Swamp

2 Jungle Hollow (bicolor black/green land)

1 Golgori Amulet (3 to cast, gives black or green mana)

Artifact Creature Rampaging Monument - 4 cast - 3/3 plus benefits

Green Creatures

2 Flaxen Intruder (1 green / 1+1 with adventure)

Renata Called to the Hunt (Leg. Ench. creature)

2 Terrain Elemental 

2 Longtusk Cub

Thriving Rhino

Beanstalk Giant

Arborback Stomper

Treeshelter Chimera

Sylvan Brushstrider

Nylea's Forerunner

Guardian of the Great Conduit

Kraul Foragers

Nexus Wardens

Black Creatures

Eye Collector

Tymaret Chosen from Death (Leg. Ench creature)

Cursed Minotaur

Veiled Shade

Lampad of Death's Vigil (Ench Creature)

2 Tattered Mummy

 Order of Midnight

Mire Triton

 Burglar Rat

Plague Wight

Fathom Fleet Cutthroat

Bloodhunter Bat

Lazotep Behemoth


Barrow Witches


Demon of Loathing


Essence Extraction

Root Snare

Mystic Repeal

2 Appetite for the Unnatural

Bake into a Pie

Return to Nature


Raise Dead

Certain Death

Consign to the Pit

2 Reave Soul



Revenge of Ravens


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