Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nova, bits and garden update

Our dog Nova got hit by our neighbor on Saturday afternoon, while the girls were having their sleepover.  My Mama Bear instinct was running high as Mark told me the neighbor sped by going way too da* fast again (just like when they hit and killed Loula) and both of the young girls were near the road at the time digging in the dirt with Mark and Esme's grandma overseeing the filling up of pots for our dahlias.  Many people at work said I should report them to the sheriff for reckless driving.  *sigh*  There is no posted speed limit up there, but you would think at their age (they are older than us and have out-of-state grandchildren) that they would have some da* responsibility and caution.

Nova was badly banged up, her leg torn open and the side of her face, but no broken bones or internal injuries as far as we can see.  She was not on a leash but was reacting to what she thought was a threat of something going too fast.  She is getting around slowly and reluctantly but she seems to be healing.  Mark and I found some wound salve we have used in the past (and it was hard to find) and that seems to have taken care of the worst of the leg wound.

Esme and her friend went fishing with their family on Sunday, and she caught some fish.  I had to work, so it was a nice trade between us to give the girls a good weekend.

I've been out to the garden and seen the morning glory coming up, as well as radishes and marigolds and perhaps a few other things.  We haven't planted  the cabbage out there yet.

My allergies took me over yesterday (on the first of two days off, typical) and by nightfall I felt I was going to have a sinus infection.  I've stayed in bed most of today trying to fend it off, drinking and sleeping.  But, back to work tomorrow.

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