Tuesday, February 03, 2009

15 months

She is really starting to look like a kid and not a baby!
Well, except for the bit of cereal bar I now see on her face.. eep!
Every time we put all the toys away she drags every single one back out in about five minutes flat.

New thing she is doing: Laying on the floor on her tummy looking up at the television across the room - haven't seen her do that before a few days ago.


Rhiannon said...

So many changes and the update is great. Esme really is looking more and more "little girl" everyday!

I don't know if I can bare a midnight bedtime. I'll keep my fingers crossed it doesn't come to that.`

mrspao said...

Aw - she's growing up so quickly!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she really is getting big!

Your "small dogs" are so cute.