Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Trails puppies

We said goodbye and happy trails to three puppies yesterday as they went to new homes. We hope they will be loved and show their wonderful personalities to their new owners.

Bob, our big teddy bear
will have three little boys to run with
and a new daddy who has always wanted a big dog to wrestle with

Butterfly went to a farm with two other dogs.
The big dog came along with and approved of him. Even though Butterfly was timid at the giveaway he did well and we hope he shows this bouncy personality to his new owner once he is home and has time to explore.

We think Lassie made an excellent match. I liked the lady that called for her right from the start - she also brought her other female dog to meet Lassie which says a lot about her understanding of dogs. Lassie jumped right into the lady's truck bed and settled down on the dog bed with her other dog. It sounds like they'll get along fine :)

We gave these puppies away for free at a meetup made by emailing. We got a chance to talk to these people first and make sure they knew these were going to be big dogs, they'd need patience and training etc. It was a good chance to make sure they were going to good people, instead of just handing them off to a complete stranger.

I was also away from Esme for the longest time ever while we were giving these pups away. I missed her very badly and spent the first couple hours we were home feeding, carrying and dancing around with her. I was singing to her while I made tea in the kitchen. She gave me the most beautiful eyes and happy noises then :) I know some people have to leave their young babies every day for work or school but it's not for me. I want to have her next to me as often as possible and know I'm there whenever she is hungry or unhappy

Note: Esme weighed 12 lb 2 oz today..


mrspao said...

Glad to hear the puppies have wonderful new homes.

Chris said...

Yay for new homes for the puppies!

Jeanne said...

They sound like wonderful homes. Yay!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad the puppies found such good homes!

Carrie K said...