Thursday, October 04, 2007


Pixie seems to be responding a little bit to daily aspirin and antibiotic - but there is definitely still something wrong. We've gotten a few reccommendations from dog health forums and will run them by the vet soon.

My own eating habits have gotten even stranger than usual lately -- maybe because we're so close to 'Bazoooka' being born. Mark loves hamburger and pork chops, and usually I eat them with him when he cooks them. However, lately I've been unable to take interest in either of those, opting for vegetables, fruits and things that are generally moist and light instead of thick and dense. I'm also drinking large glasses of water down quickly. I'm still taking my vitamins though, don't worry about that! We're at 35 1/2 weeks and on Wednesday the doctor said the baby is now head down and ready to come, but he'd like to see us go a 'full 38 weeks.'

I watched some explicit birthing videos online yesterday -- the only thing that bothered me was the blood. Blood always bothers me.

The doctor was again surprised I hadn't felt any contractions yet. I still don't know what one would feel like. He says 'I'll just know - it will hurt worse than anything.' Worse than a broken wrist or hitting your head on concrete? Worse than a relentless sinus migraine headache? I've had both of those, and it's never been screaming. When I broke my wrist my reaction was hysterical laughter. When I get a migraine my reaction is mostly quiet whimpering and focusing on something repetitive.

I'd really like to know where the pain will be... because I've heard several different stories. My mom said her lower back hurt terribly for two days before her stomach suddenly began cramp, followed by her water breaking and only then was she sure it was really labor. I was born 5 hours later. My back, just under the shoulderblades, has been the only real pain I've had lately, and even that is just an annoyance. I'm pretty sure that is just from the extra weight I'm carrying around as applying counterpressure with the back of a chair or the edge of a piece of furniture for a few minutes makes it feel a lot better quickly.


Carrie K said...

Poor Pixie. I hope the meds help.

No clue at all for the childbirth pains! At least you're prepared for the blood now. Forewarned is forearmed, and all that.

Soon! A baby! Awesome.

Jennifer said...

It's really hard to explain the pain of contractions. It's a pain that starts low and radiates out. It's an all encompassing pain that makes it hard to think or talk. When I was in hard labor the pain would get so bad at the peak of the contraction that I thought I couldn't take it anymore, and then it would let up.

mrspao said...

I hope Pixie gets better with the meds.

I'm so excited for you - not long til Bazooka appears!

Lynn said...

Poor Pixie.
Oh it sounds like there isn't much room in your gut for food.
Dont worry if you lose a bit of weight.
The contractions will be like a migraine pain with a strange excitement.

Chris said...

And I think, from what I've heard at least, that contraction pain is different for different people. That's not helpful, either, I'm sure...