Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halfway to Halloween

Vampire Bat soft toy
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Halloween approaches!

I had some awful back pain last night, like someone had jabbed a dull needle right where the spine goes into the pelvis. I was worried because of how my mom described her labor with me - but she said her back labor was 'she couldn't sit down, then she couldn't stand up, and back and forth like that for hours.' It definitely wasn't that bad - although I didn't want to sit still during it. My first instinct was to lie down until it went away, but walking it off (around the room) actually helped better. We see the doctor today and the ladies on my pregnancy emailing list said it is definitely something to ask about.

I've said before that Mark came up with the nickname 'Bazooka' for the baby, until we meet her and are sure what her name is going to be. We're pretty sure, but still it might change when we see her. The name came about twofold. First, we had watched the movie Children of Men and the pregnant lady talks about naming her baby 'Brazuka.' Later when Mark and I were going through names, both 'wild' names and more normal ones, Mark remembered it and said we could call a little girl Bazooka - and maybe she would be a short labor and shoot out like a Bazooka. The nickname stuck after that, between us and later on the blog. Mark's parents watched the movie lately and told us they were surprised to hear such a coincidence with the similar sounding name.


Susan said...

We called Boogie "Cletus the Fetus" for a very long time. It made me laugh every time we said it

Jennifer said...

That is such a cute vampire bat!

Kris said...

The soft toys are so cute. I hope you find a good home for the puppies.

mrspao said...

Very cute bat! :)