Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Imagination Running Wild

As you might have guessed, I'm just letting my imagination run 'wild' lately with the toys -- starting with a material or a basic shape and seeing what comes out of it. It has been since I was a little kid since I played with socks - and there were a few wandering around here that took on a life of their own.

I've got a few other unfinished toys on my cutting table - hoping to get them done and then start on the toys for the art show in New York.

We were going to take the puppies to the flea market this morning, but it was so cold and wet! Ugh! They are getting pretty big now, soon they'll 'explode' out of their big puppy feet and shoot towards becoming dogs. 120-150 lb dogs. Eep!

Dreams are really becoming intense about Bazooka's impending arrival. My mind is running rampant wanting to see this little girl and know she is mine (ours, but I think you other mommies know what I mean?). In most dreams I KNOW what they are showing me isn't my baby - and that upsets me. I want to see MY baby, which of course my mind doesn't have a clear image of yet so it keeps tricking me. I'm worried about being put unconscious and not knowing what happened or if it did at all etc... In the one dream where I had 'complications' after she was born I wasn't that scared about it, because they assured me she was okay and that eventually I'd be okay -- but then again my brain messed with me and my mom (who isn't going to be at the hospital) said they couldn't let me see the baby until after the doctor had talked to me about everything. I'm not a naturally 'violent' person but there are a few things that yank me right to the core - and that was one of them, in that dream I was ANGRY. Somebody had my baby and wasn't bringing her to me or letting me go get her. It's my job to protect her above all else - and once she is out of my body I can't do that if I don't know where she is, they won't let me have her etc... strong fierce instincts I can't entirely chalk up to just hormones ;)

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Vleeptron Dude said...

Hey hey hi hi Dame RheLynn! How's things? Hope all's well.

Again I commit the (venial, I think) Sin of posting Geeky Stuff on your Fabric Crafts blog. And again I beg your forgiveness, but thought you might be interested in this subject.

As if Ramanujan's life and achievements weren't already strange enough ... but in recent years two Lost Notebooks were discovered with Number Theory results even more amazing than the ones that made him famous.

So tonight I'm a-goin down the road to hear what promises to be an outstanding lecture about Ramanujan's Mock Theta Functions.


About which I am practically clueless. But there's tons of stuff on the wolfram mathworld site and even on wikipedia.

Here's my Zen Koan about lectures like this: Because I know NOTHING now, I'm GUARANTEED to know MORE about Mock Theta Functions when I Exit than I knew when I Entered.