Monday, March 13, 2017


Mark and Esme helped me some with a complicated but pretty puzzle I had started a few days ago.  Last night, at about 10 o clock, all that was left was the sky and clouds.  Mark said it was breaking his brain and he was ready to get out the krazy glue and make it work.  I said 'Step away from the puzzle and give me my Irish music.'  I was kidding.. but he did (ha).. and I listened to that and finished the sky in about an hour.   All the pieces were there - which was a shock, since it was a secondhand store special for fifty cents.  Mark said we should frame it.  I dreamt during the night that I had all the pieces in front of me again and I couldn't believe they all had fit.. was trying to do it all over again in my brain.

I made kale and bean soup out of cans and spices and the kale I had bought last week.  Will have to make it with a purposeful recipe at another time - it has cannelloni beans, black beans, a dried vegetable soup mix (which is why I have no recipe now) that had some bouillon and pearl barley in it, oatmeal, kale and garlic in it.  Minerva said it was very good - she wanted more than the little bit I gave her. Mark and Esme liked the broth.. but I didn't expect them to be brave enough to try the vegetables in it.  I have enough for about three meals.. and ideas that some beef and potatoes would be a good start next time when I don't have the soup mix packet to use up.

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