Thursday, March 02, 2017


The power lines were down in part of the town yesterday, and the school called off all classes for Esme.  She stayed at home and played outside in the nice weather that followed the major thunderstorm.

I have been more than a bit worried about some new programs they are trying to implement at work - again - and the ethical concerns I always have over this particular program.  If it comes right down to it and I can't do this part the way they want me to - because ethically I just can't do that to my customers and I can't 'make it a behavior' when my heart feels it is not quite right... well, I guess we'll see what I have to do then.  Until then I won't remove myself from everything else I do that is good for my community.  I'm there to help and if they really are looking at the situation they would see I do more than three people could ever do in my place.. three diversely talented people who can lift twice their weight daily and really care about if they are doing the right thing to help this customer AND make sure they come back for the rest of their needs and don't feel like we are only taking as much money as we can and running and not caring what happens afterwards.  The last few years I really thought my store had turned around on that and cared more about the customer.. and now they pull this little thing out again and I just have to roll with it.  A neighbor I work with says I should open my own can of 'whoopa**' when they talk to me about the program again - and I've been thinking about what to say.  -- It's not like I _won't_ talk about their program, but I won't do it when its obviously not appropriate, or finagle and pressure someone, that is not right.  And I absolutely will not pounce on someone who may be in a bad situation or weak of mind or heart right now because of something in their life to make them go make an application to 'make it better'.  That is absolutely without a doubt against my religious beliefs.
[[end rant]]

My new music CD came and I've been listening to it.
It was cold again this morning, 27 at the bus stop.
I work late today so I was playing the farm game on my computer again.

Accidental Demon Slayer was very very funny... the author said she started writing it at night when she was up with her baby, sketching it down on envelopes.  Good on her.  It showed the love.

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