Sunday, March 05, 2017


I planted a bit in the greenhouse today, jalapeno, tomato, cabbage and Mammoth sweet peas.  I intend to start some of my bean seeds before they go to the garden this year, but not until later.  I went through all of my seeds.. quite a lot there. 

Was starting to write some on a story about a magical house, and it's funny... at least, it makes me laugh.  So, that's good.  Have a very very early tomorrow and several days this week.  Going to try bringing cottage cheese with me for my morning snack to stop the 'crash hour after break' issue I was having on the turnaround shifts.  I'm thinking it is a sugar crash problem after not getting enough sleep.. and some protein might help make it better.

Esme got a cabbage from school the other day.  Mark helped her repot it and it looks much happier.  It is still a bit cold outside for even that type of plant to go in the ground, not to mention we haven't done anything to prepare the garden yet.

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