Thursday, November 17, 2016


I've been feeling this a lot lately... in my goals on making a little extra money for the holidays... in things at work that I've been asked to do outside my comfort zone, in my renewed promise to continue in my art.  The radio station in my brain tuned to 'motivational speaker' is working a little louder lately.  

I need to 'push' a little.. consistently,  but not so much that I am stressed.  But, that will keep me getting more done, and let me admit to myself that some of my more unique thoughts are not just to be skipped over on the way to the mediocre ones... 

Next month is one year since I started to write my book... and it has three chapters done.  That is on my mind, too.. but it is still saying 'don't push' on that... The Niume challenges and the art are helping me get to the point where I'm ready to take that back in hand and edit it one more time.. find out where the story goes next.

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