Friday, November 04, 2016

Nine years old!

Esme turns nine today!  She is off on a school field trip today, and we celebrate with a party tomorrow!

We have a nice pile of presents for her.  She gets to open one after school today, and then the rest tomorrow.  We will focus on baking her cake tonight!

The Kraft paper ones said '100% non Giant Potato.  She opened them tonight after school - and they were big new pillows for sleepover pillow fighting, with wild and crazy patterned pillowcases.

Niume writing:
Emphasiing with your characters  : It is emotionally involving, but it proves the author is doing a good job!
Astronomy Lesson at the Bus Stop : Esme and I on a cold morning waiting for the bus, looking at the stars!
Biscuit Hexagon Ring Algorithm : How to find out how many hexagons will be in a grid based on how many hexagons across.

And I have two flipboards, which are places to showcase your own writing and other author's writing that you have enjoyed.   These will be updated every few days as I write more Niumes and find other author's posts that are really helpful and interesting.

Read and Repeat
Living Well (and simply)

I rescued this today and hung it up in the hall.  The place it was stored in had gotten a little humid and the upper and lower edges were spotted.  I cut a drawing paper piece with a mat cutter and put it in a frame that something else had been stored in.  I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

"The Magic Fish", copyright Marie (Rhe Winger) Lamb, 2002
ink and watercolors on paper

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