Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween and bits

Esme's"fox turtle" costume.  She cut and painted the box herself.  I sewed the tail on the bottom of it.

We went out to McKenzie with G and her parents.  Now the next big thing is this Saturday afternoon - we've invited G over for the night to play and hang out.  Esme's birthday is on Friday but they have a school trip so that day will already be busy.  I discussed it with her and said we would bake her cake when she got home from school to be ready for Saturday.   She wants strawberries on her cake.  We'll open presents on Saturday afternoon - the first year we haven't done that on her birthday, ever.

Today, we have to go get some snack and food supplies at the store, and then wrap up her presents.
I have the day off and have been catching up on my books, and book postings at Niume.

Since Esme went back to school I've been trying to use my free time in productive ways.  I have to say I haven't sewn anything (except that fox tail) for a good while.  My sewing station is dusty.  But I have picked up two other habits.  I've been reading more, making reviews at Niume (hoping for the proceeds from that to add up over time, plus its fun), and doing the Turk thing to earn extra money for birthday and Christmas presents.

Christmas is coming up, too.  I overheard some conversations at work about extravagant Christmas lists... wow... I almost (almost) feel inadequate about what we're doing for birthday but we've been planning this for a while and I am sure she is going to love it all.  And then we have to work on Christmas after that.  Having birthday and Christmas this close together is a bit tough on that, but as one person pointed out, it could be worse.. their little girl has her birthday two weeks after Christmas, when she is usually broke and not sure whether to make birthday less or more of an event etc...

I've been looking at a few Christmas things .. but don't really want to get on that train until after this Sunday...

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