Sunday, November 06, 2016

After birthday bits

Esme had a great weekend with her birthday sleepover.  It wasn't a 'restful' weekend, but it could have been worse.  We're back to reading our Wildwood book, by Colin Meloy.  She is liking it - after being uninterested in reading it herself because of the scary idea of the crows in the beginning.  She already distrusts the Dowager Governess, can't wait to meet the King of the Birds and realized that if only those with Woods blood can go into the Wood it must be Prue and her brother that have it because Mac is a baby but he got through.  That's some thinking ahead.  Tomorrow begins another long week, with Sunday being the next day off.

Esme and I were playing LAN Minecraft and she made the comment that my house building style reminded her of my drawing style - they have the 'same kind of strokes.'  Heh. 

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