Wednesday, November 09, 2016

After Election and art bits

We went out and voted last night after work.  Then we sat up all night listening to the returns.  We were pretty shocked to hear that Donald Trump had won.  I guess we see where the country goes now - but we really didn't have a good choice this time around.  Neither of the candidates was somebody we WANTED for President.  We were just voting on platform and our fear of what the other one would do worse. There were things on both platforms that were not good for America's future - but we hope that everyone can work together and make the good things happen and practice some constraint on the craziness. Esme was sad when she went to school today - Hillary had won in her class and she was psyched about 'making a historic moment  for women' they had told her at school.'  Enough on that.

I'm focusing forward now - getting ready for work, thinking about Mark's birthday coming up, then Christmas... I should be thinking about Black Friday because that will  come at work and I can't avoid it.  But, that - I am trying to not think about until I have to.  It's stressful.  But then it gets done, and we get over it.

I posted some art things on Niume, as well.
This was a painting I was making of a Netherlands marina while we were waiting for the returns.
I wanted to test my skill so I picked a place at random and just started going.


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