Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some goals

I'm making progress on a few goals, the family photo album for one.  I found some of the pictures I really wanted copies of from the blog and ordered them to be shipped to me.  There are also the bits and pieces I am ordering for the house (through the Amazon program), plans for packing lunchboxes and so forth.  I have some idea what I will get Esme for her birthday... although I'm not sure what I will do at the school.  I did ask for the day off as vacation.  It is a Friday so she will have school.  School Parent Teacher conferences are coming up next week.  I have to arrange somehow for that already-scheduled day to be moved about, if possible...  I really wish they would have given us more notice than one week.

Esme said her lunch bag keeps getting smashed and the softer things in it completely bashed to bits.  She doesn't say how this is happening... denies she has done it or anyone she saw, but the things are smashed anyways.  Maybe a hard lunchbox is in order.  An exploded banana is behind the reason her lunchbag is wet, dripping and hung upside down for the night.  She has a plastic tupperware to take with her if it can't be used tomorrow.

One of the things I wanted to order for the bathroom is a bamboo floor mat to replace the laminate sheet we have down.  It looks like it has good reviews and is the same size.  They make one for the kitchen size (in non-slip) that we could look at if the bath one is a win.

I think between yesterday and today I moved well over a thousand pounds at work... it's all in the physics, angles and leverage. An eighty pound vanity becomes much less effort to move when you move it horizontally along a line at the same height for the shelf it goes on.  And if you can do that times three from the pallet it is on (by making a conveyer belt of other boxes between it and the shelf) it is possible to expend much less energy than yanking it down only to have to lift it back up again.  And toilets pushed up onto a lift at an angle and then pivoted on the edge are much less actual work done than trying to lift it straight up from the floor etc etc... 

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