Thursday, September 29, 2016

bits of cold

It was very cold at the bus stop this morning.  And the bus didn't come, because no one informed us of the policy, or the phone number to call, to call the bus garage early in the morning to tell them the child who was absent will be back to school that day.  The school didn't know anything about that policy when I went to drop her off.  But, now the number is pasted up on our bulletin board.  And I hope they come get her tomorrow.  It was cold enough to need a blanket just to hide under from the wind.

Esme's backpack came, she wore it today.  It didn't fit her lunchbag up front, but I let her take hot lunch today anyway because she had been sick and it was something she said she could eat.  My Oolong tea came - I'll make a cup of that later.  Mark is quite happy because we found pork roast AND orange juice on sale and made good on both offers.  He now has lots of pork and orange juice (which he eats and drinks anwyay). 

We've been using coupons and following the sales for a few months.  I think we've about broke even moneywise, because we end up buying some other things we would go without when we can save some on other things.  We'll see if that trend continues.  I also need to start carrying the coupons in my bag all of the time, because we've bought at least three things that I had good dollar off or more coupons for and we didn't have the coupon with us because I didn't think we would buy it that day.  So, there is some to be learned there.  I would really like to find more shampoo deals with how much Esme uses.  I will just have to jump on any real deal we can use to the fullest extent and stock them in the cupboard.

We're still waiting on the things I ordered for Esme's birthday.  I'm still holding off on the t-shirt I was going to buy her.  And I have no idea what we are going to do for the actual day of (Friday) or the Saturday afterwards.  Well, not NO idea.. I've got a few ideas... but I'm not sure if we'll do them.  G's birthday party and Esme being sick afterwards has just made me tired and a little drained.

It's past noon and I hope that means everything was okay for her at school today.  She was so tired and floppy for a few days there, and about half-power yesterday.  She played outside in the sawed down tree top for a while with the dogs.  They love the tree Mark cut down by the fence.  He pushed it over into their area for them to play and chew on for a while before we cut it up into smaller pieces.  When I read Esme some book last night (Still on Sword in the Grotto) she laid perfectly still in her bed, no rolling, no getting up and jumping around.  Really under normal circumstances I'd wish for that.. but it made me realize how much the sickness had taken out of her.  Hoping for better tonight and that picking her work up yesterday will lead to not a huge load of homework tonight.

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