Sunday, September 18, 2016

At the Hollow Rock

Esme had never been to the Hollow Rock our nearby city of Hollow Rock, TN is named for.  In fact, Mark lived near the city when he was young and said he had never actually been to the rock, either.  I went to see it not long after I moved here.  But this was much more fun today, because Esme was quite thrilled by the place.  (Even though it is covered in graffiti and has lots of very old trash in the water below).  She simply saw it with the wonder of some chance occurrence of Nature that people had found before her, and was still there for her to see today.

She said climbing up the rock made her feel like a monkey at the zoo...

If you are small enough, you can fit inside the hollow in the rock and crawl through to the other side.

This is the old but only slightly rickety metal bridge that crosses the tiny creek.
She insisted on dropping a handful of leaves into the water to see them float away downstream.

After this we drove on down past the Bruceton Yard train yard, seeing the trains from the road as we went around and through Bruceton, TN - and on to the local gas station where we used to buy chicken on a regular basis back when Esme was very young.  She used to have to pet their stone chickens every time she went there!  I reminded her of that today and it took her a moment to remember it.

She said today was a very fun Sunday!

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