Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Red Cabbage

I made this today, three pint jars worth from one medium red cabbage head.  I've been avoiding the cabbage for a while because I didn't know what to do with so much.  But, today Mark pointed out how pretty it was in the store and I decided to do SOMETHING.  I had a Granny Smith apple at home, too.  So, this was almost perfect.

 I got the recipe here:
German Red Cabbage
The only thing I changed was I threw in a handful of frozen chopped onion I had in the freezer, and a dash of cinnamon with the cloves.  I also added more water.

Then I made my favorite packet chicken flavored rice to bring to work this week.  I think a little of this and a  bit of rice would pair nicely this week.  I've still got some other greens and a head of broccoli to make it a little different each day.

I tried the TAZO Vanilla Caramel Chai and found that I really like the Classic flavor much better.  I mixed the other a bag at a time with a scoop of coffee and that made it drinkable.  It has licorice in it, which gives it an unexpected taste.

Bits:  Esme is still doing very well in school - getting good marks on all of her papers she is bringing home.  She says she gets interrupted too much by other kids to eat lunch, but she eats her snack and drinks her drink.  She has always been a very slow eater.. no matter what we've done to try to fix that.  Since we can't do a lot about that I just make sure she HAS food in her lunch that she can eat if she has time and non-distractions.  And we have set up for her to be able to get some decent (not entirely junk food) but quick food as soon as she gets home from school.

We're in the middle of Araminta Spookie 'My Haunted House.'  I'm in the middle of the fifth Outlander book - Marsali has just had her fourth child, who is a dwarf.  I've also started planning for what to get Esme for her birthday... will probably use my next Turk gift card towards that.  One thing she asked for is already on the way in the mail, but probably will take a few weeks to come.  We also told her we would hang her TV on the wall in her room (instead of in the kitchen) after she had been in school for two months at the very least.... she's been counting those days!

PROJECTS: (stuff  I've done...mentioned to keep myself rolling)
Still working on the purple shawl, bit by bit.
Patched a pair of Esme's pants that had been sitting on my sewing table for three days.
Cleaned out some magazines.
General upkeep... it still feels good to grab the broom, sponge etc as needed.

 TO DO :
Go through the blog and get some important pictures ready to be printed to put in our little album and one for the school days page of her Through the Years book.  I remember just the right picture I want to put on the front of the album :)

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