Monday, September 26, 2016

bit of Monday

Esme came back from her sleepover/party really really tired... asleep most of the way home, staggered to bed after a drink and went to sleep some more.  The birthday girl's mom said she hardly ate anything there - which isn't that unusual, and she hadn't slept much that night (none of the girls had).  But, she was much more tired than usual.  I asked her if she wanted a special drink at the store and she barely lifted her head out of the cart.  She perked up after a nap but hardly ate any of a favorite supper and then didn't complain when I said we should go to bed early.  Then Saturday she started running a temperature, which we were watching out for, considering the normally bouncy child was sleeping and her eyes looked 'funny'...Moms see that sort of thing.  Mark isn't sure what I mean when I say that, but it usually pans out that if her eyes have that sheen and squinch to them she's about to get sick  Her temp rose to 103 overnight.  She also complains her legs and head hurt.  The temp kept coming back after a dose of tylenol.  So, this morning we are off to the doctor. 

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