Wednesday, February 17, 2016


8a - Reading comprehension grade 2
8:20 - Spelling with mom
8:40 - CC math workbook
//lots of mistakes... lots of despair over having to do it over.

9am  - break
9:30 - .5 mi walk and 150 jumping jacks
9:45 - break

10a - European Geography  (and Penmanship)
//I have been using Sheppard Software's free map site that highlights the image on the map, flashes the name and says it at the same time.   Sheppard Software site  I print out a blank map and letter A through J for her to discover what country that is and write it out.  She says she wants to explore somewhere else next time, Australia maybe... hmm.
10:30a - break

12:00 - Geography quizzes and money work while in town
//I found a clipboard and a new penmanship paper tablet.  I'd been printing them out from a PDF before that as I couldn't find our old one.  She answered some good geography questions and did some percentage math.
12:15 - break

2:00 - P.E. -fencing, weight lifting 50x15 lb. bench press
2:30 - Felicity chapter 3 and questions

//on the back I had her write the promise that Jiggy Nye had made about the horse - as it was the most important part.  'Mr. Nye said that anyone who could ride the horse could have it.'

3:15 - Crash Course Economics video : Specialization and Trade
3:30 - Minecraft : Valentine Hotel (and more talk about Econ : Supply and Demand)

5:00 - done

// She helped me make a dinner tonight and then sat with it mostly untouched during an hour and a half movie.  Daddy eventually gave most of it to dogs.  Five minutes after that she was trying to grab a snack, which spurred off a 'waste not want not' discussion between her and me in her room.  She really pouted and said there was nothing wrong with her I was the one the dog was saying something bad about but she c couldn't repeat it to me.   But I laid out my case to her and said she really needed to think about these things and it is my job to help her learn these things whether they are pleasant to learn or not - to avoid big troubles when she is older!  We've just started reading the book Crenshaw, where the family is starting to have a hard time because of a layoff and the father getting sick.  I read it last week and it was a good mixture of hard facts and funny situations - and the kid really makes some good points.  Esme knows we've had hard times in the past so I don't want her to get spoiled and think she can just waste things - that she needs to be more self-aware of this, food, toys, etc...  She has a room full of toys and she still wants the perfect one that will make her happy.  It isn't one thing that is going to make you happy - she got really mad and said the Quilt maker's Gift was about one thing the King wanted to make him happy - the quilt... but he had to give away everything and in the end it wasn't the quilt that made him happy, it was what he had learned.  She had forgotten that part of the story...  We read some more Crenshaw and played a little with stuffed toys and she felt a little better.  I told her she had to get up at the same time tomorrow, do her morning work well and we would probably take a trip to the library tomorrow. 

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