Tuesday, February 23, 2016


//We had to be up very early to take our dog Minerva to the vet.  She is getting spayed today.  I think some of Esme's mad yesterday was from worry about that... But she is there now and we will pick her up later today.

9a - Penmanship : signature
9:15 - Letter writing to Grandparents (counts as Spelling)
9:45 - .5 mi walk
10a  - Frisbee and Fencing work
10:15 - CC math workbook grade 3
10:30 - Geometry worksheet
10:45 - break

11am - Reading library books:
    -Snow Puppy, Rabbit Ears, Mapping Penny's World
11:45am - Mapping her room with a key and symbols
12:15 - break for lunch

12:45 - Crash Course Economics : Supply and Demand (and discussion)
1:00 - Minecraft : Survival mode in the mineral-rich world Daddy made.  I worked on my house, she started collecting materials for her house -which includes some of the hardest things to get, like mined prismarine from an Underwater temple that she has to get one block at a time between air gulps. 
2:15 - done (we actually quit out at 3, but the timed part was done at 2:15)

// We are starting to watch the first disk of Clarissa Explains it All.  We finished Crenshaw. 
Minerva is home and has the cone of shame on.  She is so depressed.  The other dogs though, they are feeling much better.  When we took her out early today, and she was still missing they were worried.  Especially as, to them, we didn't seem worried.   They were all nervous and stuck close to their beds waiting to find out what was happening.  Now, they are all sorry for her but much more mobile around the house and yard.  She has taken up residency in the stairwell in protest so everyone has to step around her for the rest of the night.  Catahoulas.  They are unique.

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