Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday What a Day

8a - Reading comprehension grade 2
8:20 - tantrum (not counted) // This was over using the dictionary, and she didn't much like the page in the reading and it set her in a bad mood.  She scribbled on her paper, dropped every single thing that was possible and just kept escalating her anger until she really couldn't do much at all.  Then we both got on her just how impossible she was being - and she calmed down a little more... 
8:30 - Spelling with dictionary -- I made her rewrite all the words on a clean sheet because some of the first few were huge, black and scribbled.

8:45 - CC workbook grade 3 - done much better.
9am  - Geometry worksheet - quickly, nicely
9:15 - Penmanship : Addresses - quickly, nicely
9:30 - break

1:30 - patchwork pillow project (and expansion of cat palace)
3:00 - break

5p  - Felicity chapter 5, reading and questions (finished this book)
6:15 - done

Design for the pillow, and rethinking after the fact.
We talked about applique and patchwork - decided that 
the simpler patchwork pattern was what we would do.

This is the cardboard cat palace she has been making.
She added the new room (a box from something we ordered) onto it yesterday.

Now she is cutting new doors and windows in the new room.

 The cut and laid out pieces of the pillow she wants to make for her cats in the new room.
She helped measure, draw and cut out all but the black pieces. Some of the fabric was thinner and required using the scissors in a different way.  She adapted pretty well once I told her what the difference was.

Then she helped me take the pieces to the sewing machine and put them together -although I operated the foot pedal and she helped guide every other seam or so.  She is very scared of the noise.. and thinks it is going to suck her hand in.  But, she got brave each time (with coaxing) and did it with me.

Then she picked a fabric out for the backing and traced out the shape.

 And cut the fabric.
Then we sewed it together, turned it inside-out and stuffed it.
She tried to thread the needle for the ties and put the needle through once with the yarn, but that was a bit hard for her with the thickness.

 The finished pillow.

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