Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday "Getting in the Car" on the road to school

8a    - reading comprehension Spectrum grade 2
//informational reading about bridges
8:30     - Spelling with mom

"I wanted to get the library off the bridge."

This was a drawing that she combined her spelling words and the reading comprehension assignment together into a story picture.  The library has to be moved because the poles holding it up are breaking.

8:45     - CC Math workbook
9a     - penmanship, signature
9:15     - Minecraft
10a    - Chapter 1 of "Meet Felicity" and 6 questions on it

10.45    - Video: "Tuned Mass Dampers"
11    - Algodoo
11.15    - Nova: Tales From the Hive
//She told me about the bee larvae, honey, drones, queen, mating dance and the royal jelly.
12.15    - done

Mom Notes:  
This morning I gave Esme her schedule first thing she appeared upstairs.  She would have to get into fresh school clothes and be presentable, and have her breakfast eaten by 8 am.  If there was any time between when she was ready and 8 am she could play, otherwise, not.   She is really serious about wanting to go to public school again for third grade.  I discussed how she would have to start acting as if she was already in public school, getting ready t he same as she would, acting right and doing the harder work at her desk in a timely, neat and mannerly way.  There would be no playing, hanging upside down on her chair etc.

She said she knew what we were doing - we were 'getting in the car' for the trip to school  - that is, if we were getting ready for a trip to public school - we're at the st age where we're getting in the car for the journey.  That was a pretty good analogy for her!

She still grumped for a full minute with her head down on her desk - but she turned it around and got out her pencil and worked quietly and well on her reading comprehension book.  I discussed the 'second semester' of our school year and that she would continue with third grade math and third grade reading books and second grade English and reading comprehension.  We will also do writing, reports, science quizzes and geography like a third grader.  She asked to make sure we do crafts, and Minecraft.

Tonight I checked her work and it looked very good.  She read the chapter of Felicity by herself and answered the questions.  Daddy said he did not help her with it or read it with her- even though I left for work at 9:30 am and he took over.  I told her she also has to go downstairs and take a shower and wash her hair in preparation for being 'school ready' tomorrow morning.  I work late tomorrow, and we will be doing our school the same way tomorrow.  She wanted to stay up and watch a specific movie - but she  didn't finish her dinner on time to have the shower AND watch a two hour movie.  She accepted it although she was upset.  I told her tomorrow is open for the movie, with Daddy - or I'll be home the next two days after that.

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