Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday my Valentine

We were reading our Ten Kids, No Pets book and had gotten to the Valentine's part!  We decided to do a few Valentine's projects today.

9a    - 150x JJ, 550x 15lb bench
9.15    - spelling with mom
9.30    - CC Match workbook wk4
9.45    - Crash Course Kids
10a    - break
10:30    - Minecraft Valentine Village
12.15     - break - go to town, gather library books et al.

 Valentine's village - fountain of hearts and a romantic restaurant that serves fruit and bread.

1:00 - library and checking out books
1:15 - break - grocery store and lunch

//Two more episodes of Saved by the Bell -and discussing what the story was in each one.
4:15 - Crafting Valentine Card
5:00 - done

'Act Natural'... this kid, definitely ours.  Definitely unexpected.
Whatever the public school will do with her, we probably don't want to know.
But for now... well, she  continued her project after goffing off.

She's reading 365 Penguins. 
I'm reading The Interrupted Tale from the Incorrible Children of Ashton Place series

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