Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Esme and I received her other Morris book (Morris Goes to school) last night and she enjoyed it very much. She has 'forgotten' how to read some words, mostly the little ones like 'the' and 'you' but was able to get others like 'boys' and 'girls' on the bathroom doors in the book with great gusto. There was lots of giggling, as the book is very funny. She has the other two books, as well, and it came reccommended by the group I belong to for where she is right now. I am working more on my outline for a craft book. There are several projects on my table - a long felted scarf and a set of teatowels. I want the book to have lots and lots of projects that are traditional and useful, and provide ways to build skills so even the beginners can begin to infuse their homes with handmade items bit by bit as their confidence grows. There are lots of books that do this - but I think mine can be expansive and inspiring in ideas while simple in technique and instruction. The book will take a lot of photography and writing and layout. I don't have a publisher - feel there needs to be lots of material and if a publisher does not accept it we will publish it ourselves at a later date.

Esme is watching Babar, which is so so so much better than Dora. Dora was annoying me because of the 'demanding' habits she has and the 'now quick faster do it' attitude. Esme was picking up on that and trying to apply it to us and everything around us. Babar has much better manners ;) and better language, as well, which she needs. Thank you Daddy :)

The garden is producing beans, zucchinis and herbs. The zinnias are beautiful! There are new colors from this years seeds mixed with the colors from last years volunteers. Soon, there will be tomatoes, but not quite yet. I need to do a lot of work out there - but no day off until Friday...

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