Thursday, June 14, 2012


Esme loves her 'instruments' - which have been a toy flute and a xylophone. She was obsessed with the idea of a guitar a few weeks ago (a pink guitar - if I remember correctly) and Grandma and Daddy found this in a closet at her house. She is working on figuring it out - and although I have shown her a youtube video of someone playing a guitar she says 'that man hold the guitar no no no I am too little I need to GROW'. She is working out how to make sounds she likes, and just basically mash on it as it is missing a string and the tuning buttons won't stay put. This one can teach her some things before we decide if we will get her one her size later.

I am off to the garden to see how many vines broke tying them up yesterday. The tomatoes were a terrible mess... and a lot of the Romas were rotting just because of their own vine weight.

Esme has school this afternoon and I need to bring her in and bathe her and brush hair before we go, too. Then she is off school until next Tuesday. I am off work today and tomorrow. That will be nice!

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