Sunday, June 17, 2012

reading with mom

and Happy Father's Day to our lovely Daddy and my best friend Mark :) who took these pictures last night!

new dry erase board for $1.00
we had a lot of fun with it

Something I want to work on with her (and have been) is reading time on digital clock and also reading price expressions of money. She has been attempting on her own but a simple reminder like 'left to right' helps a lot. She tried to read a clock to me the other day and mixed all the numbers up which didn't really help me know what time it was.

She knows a lot more words than I was giving her credit for before - but still misses 'easy' ones like 'ball' and 'out'. I follow as her interest does, but last night after a bit she just wanted to play Smurfs... which is hard for me to switch back gears to being Papa Smurf yelling at Brainy...

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