Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Esme is washed and hair detangled and braided and in decent clothes off to school... and I am off to work for my closing shift. I hope she has fun and comes back happy from school. She says all the kids and ladies love her there and she has to rescue the kids from the fighting men (kick, punch, cheer) and there is a blue beaver with hearts in its eyes that is going in her backpack (imaginary) and she is going to bring him to school to see everything. And she is mad at me because brushing her hair was such a trial - it was so tangled. She would not sit still for anything and was apt to run around the room and/or play dead at different intervals. But, it is finished - and she looks like she actually has straight hair again!

Off to pack a lunch and get everything ready for my work. I feel like I've already pulled a shift in the cleaning industry giving that bath and hair brushing!

It is my big brother's birthday today, as well - he is in Minnesota.

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