Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are out in the garden

innocent, really!

blurry, but too cute not to share

We are out in the garden today, there might be some other pictures later. But, these are Esme and Loula posing. They have been running around playing and having a grand time chasing sticks etc etc... Daddy is plowing with the tractor, I am clearing out brush, wire and old structures before tilling the ground up. We had a quick trip to town as a bolt broke on the tractor and we had to replace it. We had some good sandwiches at the deli place as well - Esme got a thick slice of bologna and some cheetos.. she enjoyed that.

All of the immunization shot information is caught up - and Esme had no reaction whatsoever to the shots she did receive. She is set to go to school tomorrow and is happy about it!

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