Wednesday, February 01, 2012


We are all back from Jackson and settled down for the night. It was a long busy day! Grandpa went to his doctor's appointment and Esme was not terribly awful for the trip, although she could have been in a better mood in general. She became a little better after her food kicked in, I think. We found a nice castle block set on clearance, and I bought some fabric to make Esme a special pillow for her bed. It is burgundy satin with tucks. She surprised me with that as I had expected her to gravitate to something pink or lime green -- or even purple. She kind of 'took in' the kids section and then went to an oriental looking set and patted it and said she liked that one. I do like seeing how much her tastes differ from what is 'expected' for young kids. I thought her choice was very pretty.

She was picking pillows out of the clearance bin at the bed/bath store, but the one she liked did not have a price on it - and I knew I could make it instead. She picked out some stars/planet and robot fabric at the craft store as well - probably destined to be part of a new lightweight blanket for her bed. I want to give her more personal choice in her room now that she is offering opinions on everything right and left! A burgundy satin pillow was really one of the furthest things from my mind, but after I had made it she laid her head down on it and said it was SO nice.

She really wanted a broken workbench toy display in the clearance section - which was the reason she became upset - Mama did not want to buy the expensive broken item for her and she didn't care if it worked or not, it looked cool. She soon after started dragging her feet along the floor and being a dead weight (even with the blocks which we were going to buy) but I deposited her in the car with Daddy and Grandpa and we 'moved along.' When we were waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to come out of the doctor's office she was quite good, playing blocks and talking with me in the van and opening windows saying 'It smells like fresh air! Ahhhhhh... deep breath. etc.'

She is working on her communication - subtle changes here and there. There is still a very noticeable amount of back-and-forth arguing of the type that doesn't make much sense, yes/no/no/yes crying and changing her mind/opinion five times in a minute etc... but once we get through that she returns to good sense again. She was asleep in the van on the way home for about ten minutes - then she went from fast asleep to full speed within the course of a minute.

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