Saturday, February 11, 2012


old times
on the couch
note the middle picture is me at about four...

I saw a picture my brother's wife posted and it reminded me of these old times from my photo collection... way back when we (my brother, sister, cousin and I) were kids.

Esme's cousin Elizabeth, one month younger
my brother's daughter

Esme with her Gertie doll

What a resemblance, huh? Perhaps just being four and happy is enough to see the connection :)

little notes: I laughed this morning as Esme and I both huddled under our 'blankets' on the way downstairs to the bathtub. I always wear one around my shoulders to keep warmer in the morning. Esme wore one of my sweater coats because the blankets were too big for her to walk in. We looked like two little old ladies hunched over keeping blankets around our shoulders.

Her cough is a bit better today, and the fever from last night went down. I am hoping she is on the recovery side. I bought more eucalyptus bath for her as that does seem to be working quite well.

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