Monday, February 13, 2012

cold bits

It has been freezing cold outside, very cold inside as well. It snowed some today and they are predicting more. Esme has had a bad cough and nasal junk for several days. I have been giving her eucalyptus vapor baths at least once (sometimes twice) a day and am very glad she seems to be improving. I haven't done any other sewing since the last pair of pants - I've barely been able to keep the laundry up this week. The cold just saps it all out of me, as well as worrying about how to make her cold better. We have been watching the Big Bang Theory and getting a good kick out of that. It is nice to watch something with geek humor in it - and to get the occasional thing I need to look up just because it won't let me sleep without knowing if it is what I thought it was etc etc....

A few pictures I snapped the other day and never posted... Esme stacking her wooden trucks and dripping watercolor paint down the side to see how it flowed. As long as she keeps it (mostly) on the paper I don't mind so much. She lined up all of her playmobil onto chairs and put blocks in front of them and said they were 'on machines playing blocks' - Minecraft!

She has been playing Minecraft and Sims 2 on my computer a lot when I am at work - and sometimes on Daddy's computer as well. He was watching her build 'houses' today with windows and doors - but he had to make the doors on the crafting table as she still hasn't got that part. She did build the walls and did a very good job. She still gets very upset when her character gets too far underwater before she starts to swim, and dies... today she respawned after the character died and wiped her brow saying 'Whew, that was a close one!' She still doesn't really 'get' it... but she knows something terrible is happening when the hearts (life) start getting less and less and the 'ow' noises start. She also was having a tame wolf follow her and was saying 'here doggie, here doggie, GOOD BOY doggie'. Yesterday she saw a non-tame wolf in the forest and climbed a tree (by placing blocks to make a staircase) and said she was 'hiding from the wolfses.' Sometimes, we just have to wonder what is going on in that mind... besides making waterfalls, hiding from wolves and throwing snowballs through the air to watch them arc she thinks that throwing items out onto the ice (discard item key) is great fun. She took an entire stack of dirt (64 blocks) and threw them out one by one to watch them 'slippery when wet' skid across the ice.

I've been hearing other very good words lately - that have perked my ears. 'That is perfect now.' is a sentence I have heard often as she adjusts toys into their places and makes things just 'so'. Tonight she said she didn't want to get out of the bathtub and 'didn't want to go upstairs either.' Either? I was impressed. 'I'm just kidding, I'm joking' is said OFTEN now.

She has been growling at me more about doing things she doesn't like though - like getting out of the bath, or going to bed. She is also emulating Curious George and pretending she is a monkey that does not need to talk, and Mama should pretend along with her and treat her like a monkey. That gets tiresome! I tell her to use her words and tell me what she means, instead of growling or oo-oo-ing like a monkey. Sometimes, that works. I've told her with the growling/refusing to cooperate that I want my 'better Esme' back because she insists she is 'the Esme Esme' instead of an 'Esme girl' or a 'better Esme'. I said the growling Esme wasn't a very good one and I wanted the better one we had before.

She told me also she wants to 'go to the BIG house in the BIG town and see the toys and the Mickey Mouse and the house again.' I don't know which place that is - Daddy or Grandma will have to tell me.

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