Saturday, February 04, 2012

Rolling out the yards....

Sewing mode has started. I've been collecting a few yards of this and that over the past two weeks in preparation for this weekend. I have plans for: Robot shirt, planetary pants, hello kitty pants, not sure what to do with the brown flower fabric... sheep shirt and plaid jumper are still on the list but I want to make sure those end up well constructed, not rushing them... Fabric is in the washer, soon to be in the dryer... start cutting out pattern pieces and most likely sew up the pairs of pants immediately.

several items to be patched, green size five dress could be saved if I replace the entire skirt.... torn severely! There are several dresses that need to be put in the 'almost trash' drawer - stained and starting to become a little small, but still a good emergency item if she gets everything else ruined.

Esme is sitting upside-down on my bed with her feet in the air, watching Tarzan. She was good in town. She just drained a pez dispenser of all of it's candy and had two chicken legs. She has been good but demanding all day... hopefully she will let me sew without one hundred interruptions? Maybe fifteen... I have a tentative playdate set for her for tomorrow... we will see if it comes around.

//hello kitty pants finished. I used Simplicity 8943 pattern (vintage) size 5 and had to trim the back panels by more than an inch on each side to make my one yard work. But - it fits and is long enough. all the rest of the plans went by the wayside after the try on stage. Esme and Daddy were learning MineCraft again and I took a crash course. I was soon building a waterfall for Esme to use as a waterslide (she can walk and jump pretty well and wander around). A bit later Esme had crashed in her bed and Mama was still up building castles, mining for iron ore and smelting iron and glass in the furnace. I stayed at it until midnight. Mark says I need my own account now ;) Esme can't have her own account until she learns not to dig down into a hole and can't get out! Also, never shear a wolf with the sheep shears. It is bad news. That was me.

//Oh my word - where did this one come from? Every once in a while she still blows me entirely out of the water with a complete thought that makes too much sense.

Esme was dancing around making bubbles and humming downstairs. I was sitting there knitting.
I said 'it's like Esme and the Beast, huh?' about the song she was humming.
She says: 'No, I'm Esme. We're in the green house, on EARTH. The Belle and the Beast are on TV.'
I pressed: Well, if we're on earth, where are they? Where do things on TV live?
She says: 'They're on a ship, a spaceship, with the aliens and Hello Kitty.'

She has recently been watching the 3 disk set of Hello Kitty and has absorbed them. I think they are really good for her because they 'retell' other stories with the same characters. Some of the stories she knows from other forms - like 'Aladdin' and 'Peter Pan', and others she doesn't yet know are parodies - but she really does 'get' the idea that they are telling stories and "playing pretend". I hear a lot of 'it's (two-tend) pretend, like Hello Kitty/Catnip/penguin/My Melody etc...'

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