Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laugh until you cry

I had a terrible headache last night. Of course, Esme didn't get it when I said my head ow - she couldn't see anything. She kept looking at my head all over and trying to find the ow. She kept flipping between 'poor mumum you hit your head' and 'mumum come I show - I want to play with you!' etc. And then she started tickling me - and blowing raspberries on my belly. Over, and over, and over again. I really didn't have the energy to fight it... and I couldn't keep from laughing, either. I laughed literally until I cried... and then she said 'mumum you cry, don't cry mumum.... here blanket' and put a blanket on me and left me alone for a very little while. Mark said it sounded awful, he wished he had it on videotape 8^{ Eventually the aspirin kicked in just a tiny bit and I got her a drink and went through some bedtime routine. But I was pretty useless overall-- well up until 4 in the morning. Almost gone now, and I need to start for work in fifteen minutes. For all of that - Esme is in a fairly good mood this morning.

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ElizabethEK said...

Ugh. Hopefully you made it through work OK, and will get a good night's rest tonight.

I have been fighting a cold/sinus thing for a week as well.

Hang in there!!