Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finished Osaka dress



Butterick 2194, pattern size 2 circa 1960.
The pattern envelope calls it a 'semi-princess dress', which shows here. It already has a place among my 'most used' at 3 dresses! It is quite easy to work with but still enough of a challenge to keep me coming back. A very good combination.

Alterations : lowering neckline 1/2 inch, back zipper (instead of buttons), long sleeves from a modern pattern and separate color for skirt (includes splitting front center piece which was one whole section). I'm not sure why there ended up being a small place in the stomach area I needed to make up a band of fabric -- but it worked out quite well. Everything laid flat!

3/4 yard of the floral fabric, 3/4 yard of the chestnut fabric
scrap of something in the stash for neckline facing.

repeat of the 'in-progress picture'

dress front laid out with extra 'band' at stomach

She was wearing it and I noted again the things I'd like to change about the pattern -- drop the waist a few inches and make the neckline much lower, much more than a half inch! As it goes the dress does fit her and look nice - but it looks very formal with the high neckline and 'empire' high waist. The 'formal' look is much more prominent on this one because of the fabric choice. She stopped downstairs in front of the mirror when she brought me her drink cup - it was awesome.. she did a little half turn and looked at the entire dress and pulled the skirt out some... 'who are you there - oh you're me - what a pretty dress that is!' I didn't get a picture - as she has now fallen asleep in her bed after much fussing over reading books and wanting cheetos and no fish stick etc etc...


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Hello just discovered your blog, love that dress, its inspiring. I make dresses for my 3 year old daughter too but really struggle to get good sized patterns. so I make my own but its a long process. Will follow you ! x