Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cinderella Dress

It's Daddy's birthday!
Happy birthday to you, Mark. I hope you are having a good one.
It sure looks like it ;) He is actually downstairs making a big pizza now.

She's trying to master funny faces...
Just a second after this she ran away trying to hide from the camera.

I had so much trouble with my machine yesterday! This dress is very 'rustic' as a result... with zigzagged sleeve hems and the ribbon ties zigged on as well. Un fact, it reminds me a little of rustic Japanese children's clothes from books I have seen over the years. But - it is done, and already in the wash after being worn for only about an hour.. hmm... but she does like it and it fits well. She told me to put it back in the wash when I was examining something... it got wet - put back mumum - wash machine! I can really use to add an inch or two to the sleeve which I had borrowed over from another pattern.

As she has grown it may behoove me to adapt this pattern more to her like I did the raglan shirt pattern. I might drop the waist line down a whole inch, lengthen the sleeves and work the neckline like this one (just a tad deeper than normal cut). Basically, an entire rework into an original pattern again.... That might be a good thing to get perfected before I use her 'Osaka' fabric. That blue floral might be a good use for that!

Not Pictured: I finished a pair of bellbottom 'jeans' for her, as well. They are elastic-waist, but made out of chambray (a slightly lighter weight denim-like fabric) from my stash. I've been taking them to work all this week to do hand-stitching on the bottom hems. They are actually just one centimeter or so TOO long for her, which is good!

We stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's on the way home from town to have a tiny 'happy birthday Daddy' celebration. Esme wasn't too happy about that not being all about her, but she played with Daddy's balloons and ate some strawberry off the cake. That was a good thing for her as she was still obsessing over her birthday from last month ;)

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