Saturday, May 30, 2009

some things I love lately..

Esme can grab something at a store or garage sale and give it a good look over and not HAVE to take it home. That is so nice after seeing my sister's kids freak out over the concept of not having everything they touch. And - she did it mostly herself - it's just not in her nature to want to take everything home, unless it is really really interesting. However, if I take something away before she gets her thorough examination of it done - she does cry and scream. Once her examination is done she will hand it back to me and sometimes say 'all done' or 'bye bye.'

Esme is getting to her next language spurt so every day she repeats something new or puts something together in a new way.

We went garage saling again today and she has to wave 'hi' and 'bye' to all the friendly-looking people. We shared a shake again on the way home as it was very hot out. Later she saw her sippy cup and tasted the water and said to me over and over '*slurp* shake! sha--sha-shake! *slurp* (hopeful look)* HAHA not all of the time kid. Yet she drinks all her water and milk fine for the rest of the day - was asking 'just in case.'

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